A Beginner Ticket Broker’s Guide to Presale Passwords

So you decided to be a ticket broker. You have researched and educated yourself on every single thing that could help you be a competitive and legitimate ticket broker. Your only concern is how to get those precious tickets. Some brokers would suffer the long lines or conduct a trade with another ticket holder just to obtain the tickets that they wanted. A smart ticket broker, however, knows how to take advantage of presales.

Presale tickets are offered to select group of people that allows them to buy tickets before everyone else, thus securing the best seats in that specific event. There are several types of presales which includes venue presale, radio presale, fan club presale, online presale and credit card presale.

Of course, purchasing presale tickets does not necessarily mean that it costs less than your average ticket. Some presales, like a fan club presale, even comes at a higher cost due to membership fees. Another good thing about any presale ticket is that it comes in block bundles. Some blocks may be poorer than the others but still, the seat distribution of presale tickets are understandably fair – with seats that is often a mixture of front row, middle row and the lower 100’s.

But before you start finding a presale type that would perfectly suit your agenda, you must know that there is this fine line that separates presale and general on-sale tickets called a presale passcode or password.

A presale password is a code you needed in order to buy your tickets. There are different ways to attain the key to those prized tickets, which in turn makes your hunt for free presale password vulnerable to scam artists. But if you know where to look, then the gates of presale ticket haven will be open at your whim:

Join fan clubs. Usually an artist’s fan club gets first dibs on presale codes. Most artists show their appreciation to their fans by giving them the chance to take the best seats in the house rather than those seats be taken by ticket brokers (such as yourself). Sometimes, the event promoter also offers presale tickets to ensure that the event will host more fans.

Get a credit card.  As a token for your loyalty and what-nots, some credit card companies also offer pre-sale codes to their clients. This service is not available for all credit card companies though. So you must make sure if the bank in which you are applying for offers this.

Go online. There are several legitimate sites that offer presale codes if you register on their web sites. Most of the time though, the seat availability is limited and some seats that are being offered are poor. Don’t be too eager to grab the opportunity. Remember, your ticket’s price can only go so far as the seat’s location.

However, you must remember that getting the password to a presale does not necessarily mean that you can delay purchasing tickets. After getting the code, you must quickly purchase the tickets as presale tickets are limited and other ticket buyers can grab it. You can also subscribe to newsletters that notifies their subscribers if there are any presales going on and even offer presale codes.

By taking advantage of all the tips given above, you’ll get a higher probability of getting the best presale tickets that would in turn give you a better profit.


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